About Me

With the motto “Nec Spe, Nec Metu” (Without Hope, Without Fear) coming from the obnoxious and desperate, but fearless streets of the 16th Century Rome, I welcome you to my personal blog.

Here, you will find my reflections and published or unpublished writings on a variety of issues from political philosophy and literature to political science and history. My research interests cover the History of Political Thought, Western conservative philosophy, Philosophy of Violence, Kurdish Question in Turkey and Social Movements. I am deeply influenced by the classical and contemporary Western political thought, particularly those of Edmund Burke, Friedrich Nietzsche, Walter Benjamin and Michel Foucault.

My educational background is on Political Science. I did my BA at the Yildiz Technical University and MA at the Sabanci University in Turkey. I have recently obtained my PhD in Political Science at the Boğaziçi University with the dissertation entitled “The Missing Link in the Chain of Oppression and Resistance: Last Era of Kurdish Banditry in Modern Turkey, 1950-1980”.

I am also a human rights advocator and a participant of the Council of Europe’s initiative Young People Combatting Hate Speech Online. I established the blog Discriminative Dictionary that aims to collect all discriminative idioms and proverbs in Turkish not only to analyze the reproduction of discrimination via daily language, but also to condemn them as hate crimes against society and humanity.

Please visit: http://www.ayrimcisozluk.blogspot.com

I hope that you will enjoy my ideas and emotions on the human way of being.

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