Nostalgic Hero

Are you too old to live in a very young earth, and not the vice versa? Do the heroes of yesterday touch deep in your heart in an earth with awkward heroes? Fight then with that nostalgia; become the bridge that connects the past and the present, and thereby, assist the earth to embrace its […]

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The “Secret” Formula for Happiness: Not Desiring What is Undesirable

“God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, The Courage to change the things that I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” This brilliant prayer, originally written by the American theologian and philosopher Reinhold Niebuhr and curiously adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve-step programs, grants us both […]

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Success in Failure

There is no such thing as “success”, pure, perfect, and glorious; but only “success in failure”, the courage and talent to turn a failure into a success, albeit impure and imperfect, but the most glorious. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” (Samuel Beckett)

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Arap Baharı, Ortadoğu’nun neredeyse bütün ülkelerini devrimlere ya da iç savaşlara sürüklemişken 2000’ler Türkiye’si Kürt meselesiyle boğuşmaya devam ediyor. Ve neo-liberalizmin zaferi karşısında, sınıf savaşımı eski haşmetini kaybetti derken grevler olur; siber eşkıyalar, twitter üzerinden devlet kurumlarını tehdit edip birbirleriyle hesaplaşırlar. Bu ülkede, yine de, siyaset anlayışı alabildiğine gelenekseldir; siyaset, Osmanlı’dan bu yana, idamların icra […]


Right and Might

As opposed to the classic socialist jargon “We are right, we will win!”, the most basic truth of life is “We are mighty, we are right!” The sacred concepts of morality, i.e. right or wrong and just or unjust, are alone empty concepts. As power gives the content of morality, might defines (and re-defines) what […]

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Ecce Homo

All of us are works in progress, or rather, works that shall never be completed. It is just a futile attempt to complete ourselves, self-realization can never be achieved. Do not tidy your room (your books, pictures, tools, ideas) so that when you die, the image of your room will demonstrate “you” as you are, […]

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Nec Spe, Nec Metu

We have been lost, weak, and miserable, and will remain so, as long as we wait for the moment of salvation. We are the offshoots of the slaves constantly dreaming of a single sacred moment that would put everything all right and prove ourselves to others without any further doubt. We have been the cowards, […]

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