Nec Spe, Nec Metu

We have been lost, weak, and miserable, and will remain so, as long as we wait for the moment of salvation. We are the offshoots of the slaves constantly dreaming of a single sacred moment that would put everything all right and prove ourselves to others without any further doubt. We have been the cowards, and will remain so, as long as we postpone or neglect every moment of struggle for life by relieving ourselves with the prospective and never-coming moment of salvation. Hope, Nietzsche was right, is self-deception par excellence. It is the very (universal and primordial) means of the slave to cope with, and live within, his/her miserable existence. Desperateness, deriving from the crude fact of “I will die and disappear for eternity”, should be our main motivation and courage our main characteristic. (Death does not give the dead fear, since eternity would be no more than a millisecond just like in sleep. Death simply urges the living to live.) Only when we begin to struggle for every minuscule aspect of our lives, then the moments of salvation shall abound.

Caravaggio, Medusa (1595-98)



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