“Turkey as a Rising Power” Put to the Test

Ahmet Özcan, “Turkey as a Rising Power Put to the Test”, Turkish Review, Vol. 3/1, February 2013, pp. 97-100. We live in a time when the distinction between domestic and foreign realms of politics has not merely blurred, but abolished altogether. While Turkey’s Prime Minister’s harsh critique of Israel on her existential Palestinian issue in a … More “Turkey as a Rising Power” Put to the Test

Uncharted Territory: Understanding the Tuaregs

Ahmet Özcan, “Uncharted Territory: Understanding the Tuaregs”, Turkish Review, Vol. 2/5, September 2012, pp. 116-119. In association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the Association of Researchers on the Middle East and Africa (ORDAF) organized an international conference in Istanbul on June 23, 2012 on the African Nomads known … More Uncharted Territory: Understanding the Tuaregs